How to Receive KZED

NOTE: Other than test broadcasts, KZED-LD is not yet on the air. We are currently completing construction. Some of the below information may change.

Q: On what channel can I receive KZED?

A: KZED is on Channel 2.1. (UHF Ch. 32; VHF Ch. 2; Virtual Ch. 2.1)

Q: What is a virtual channel?

A: Virtual channels are channels that are mapped electronically inside your digital TV by the TV station to display a certain channel number. Virtual channels allow you to tune in to KZED on channel 2, even though in the background your TV may actually be receiving our broadcast on channel 32 (or 2).

Q: How do I receive KZED 2.1 on my Digital TV?

A1: Indoor Antenna: You need to be close to our transmitter in Mountain View. Your amplified UHF indoor antenna needs to be pointed towards the “downtown” village area. Areas served with indoor reception include Central Mountain View, Pacific Paradise, North Fern Acres, North Hawaiian Acres and Kukui Camp.

A2: Outdoor UHF Antenna: In much of Puna, you should point your amplified UHF antenna towards Mountain View. For most people, this is in the direction of Mauna Kea. Areas served on UHF include Mountain View Village, Pacific Paradise, Fern Acres, Hawaiian Acres, Orchidlands Estates, Hawaiian Paradise Park, Ainaloa, Hawaiian Beaches and parts of Pahoa and Kurtistown.

A3: Outdoor VHF Antenna: This option will be available soon. With an antenna optimized for “Low-VHF Reception”, you should point your antenna towards Mountain View. This works best in rural areas away from power lines and street lights. Areas served on Low-VHF include most of Puna and Hilo.

A4: Cable TV: KZED is not currently available with Spectrum.

A5: Satellite: KZED is available on Dish TV’s AirTV service within our coverage area.

Q: How do I scan for new channels?

A: Each television is different, but generally, go to your menu and find the option to scan for channels. Make sure “Antenna” is selected (not “Cable”).

Q: What other channels can I get with an antenna?

A: In most areas, you can get the following channels:

  • 2.1 KZED (coming soon)
  • 4.1 ABC
  • 4.2 MeTV
  • 4.3 Hawaii TV (news)
  • 9.1 My Network TV
  • 10.1 PBS
  • 10.2 NHK + PBS Kids
  • 10.3 PBS Kids
  • 11.1 Fox
  • 11.2 CW
  • 13.1 NBC
  • 13.2 CBS
  • 14.1 Family Broadcasting Corporation
  • 23.1 & 32.1 [coming soon]
  • 45.1 CBS
  • 45.2 This TV
  • 45.3 Escape