About KZED Public Media

KZED Public Media is a nonprofit association providing artistic, cultural and educational video content via low power transmitters on East Hawaiʻi Island through new 5G infrastructure. Our terrestrial signal(s) will launch soon.

KZED uses bandwidth allocated by the FCC as part of an initiative to provide opportunities for locally-oriented broadcast service in small communities. The call sign of our lead transmitter is “KZED-LD”.

Our system is built using legacy ATSC format, with provisions for NextGen/5G. This means you can receive us on a consumer grade digital television on Channel 2.1.

Some technical notes about us:

  • KZED Public Media is a Nonprofit Association recognized under Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes Chapter 429.
  • KZED Public Media is a Public Broadcasting Entity, as defined in the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967.
  • KZED-LD is a Small Wireless Facility as defined by The Hawaii Revised Statutes.
  • Music heard on KZED-LD is licensed through Creative Commons or directly from the copyright holders.
  • Our Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Statement is available here.