Welcome to KZED

KZED is a solar-powered digital broadcast station in Hawai`i's Puna District.

KZED is licensed by the FCC as part of an initiative to provide opportunities for locally-oriented broadcast service in small communities. Our official call sign is “KZED-LD”.

We present a commercial-free service to our viewers and listeners, and currently offer two channels:

  • KZED Television, Channel 2.1: Short-form documentaries and current affairs programs that engage, educate and inspire viewers to become involved in the world around them.
  • KZED Chill, Channel 2.2: A digital radio channel showcasing mellow and mid-tempo electronic music that reflects the downtempo lifestyle of the Big Island.

Our channels are rebroadcast on KQHW-LD Channel 32 which may work better for some viewers and listeners.

KZED-LD’s over-the-air presentation complies with the NonCommercial license element as defined by Creative Commons. Music heard on KZED-LD is licensed through Creative Commons or directly with the copyright holders.